Recommended High Level Workflow


High Level Work Flow

  • Add item
  • Update and save item type (Beef, Pork, …)
  • Add target temperatures and time
  • Navigate to measurements page when you are ready to start cooking
  • Start the timer, click Record Measurement, place the item on the grill and close it, fill in the starting grill temperature and save the Measurement
  • Click Record Measurement and add details whenever you measure the temperature of the item, or flip the item, or want to note the grill temperature
  • At some point during the cooking process, take a photo that captures the grill setup
  • When ready to remove the item from the grill, click Record Measurement, remove the item, note the final temperature of the item and grill and save the measurement
  • Stop the timer
  • Enjoy your meal
  • Return to the item and update the photo with the one you took of the setup
  • Note any details about the setup to clarify
  • Update the rating of the item based on how well it turned out – either didn’t work, worked, or worked well
  • Navigate back to the main item list and remove any old entries that the new one replaces


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