Grilling out is awesome! And if you are like us, once the weather starts to warm up its our favorite dining experience! But all that grilling means all those details that you have to keep track of like how long did I cook it, when did I flip it over and what temperature did I have the grill at.  And inevitably you cook it perfect once, and then can’t remember how you did it the next time.

And if you have a Big Green Egg, you also have details about the grill setup – what charcoal, plate-setter or not-to-plate-setter, etc.

Sure you can keep a notebook with all the details, but that’s so old school.  That’s where GrillTracker can help. GrillTracker allows you to record and save the details about grilling an item – beef, poultry, veggies, whatever! You simply add a grilled item, record the temperatures while you time it using the app, and all of the information is saved for you.  Next time you can just pull it up and review so that you can cook it again the same way!

To purchase the app, visit the iTunes App Store.


Recommended Application Use

The application is not designed to be a recipe storage or tracking application. Rather, it is designed to have a few entries (1-3) per type of grilled item.  So you would have a couple entries for cooking small boneless skinless chicken breasts and a couple for cooking 2″ thick ribeye steaks.  You can rate whether the current track worked, didn’t work or worked well.  The objective is to get a list of scenarios that worked or worked well that you can then refer back to each time you cook the same type of item again.

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